Burford’s global legal finance team is the largest and most experienced in the world

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Read Christopher Bogart's Profile

Christopher Bogart

Chief Executive Officer

Read Jonathan Molot's Profile

Jonathan Molot

Chief Investment Officer

Read Jim Kilman's Profile

Jim Kilman

Chief Financial Officer

Read Elizabeth O'Connell, CFA's Profile

Elizabeth O'Connell, CFA

Chief Strategy Officer

Read Aviva Will's Profile

Aviva Will

Senior Managing Director

Read Mark Klein's Profile

Mark Klein

General Counsel

Read Craig Arnott's Profile

Craig Arnott

Managing Director

Read David Perla's Profile

David Perla

Managing Director

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Annie Duffy

Chief Compliance Officer

Read Charles Utley's Profile

Charles Utley

Chief Accounting Officer

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Liz Bigham

Chief Marketing Officer

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Leah Guggenheimer

Chief Process & Innovation Officer

About our Team



The largest and most experienced team in the world makes us a professional and client-friendly partner.


Veterans of the world’s top companies law firms respond quickly and expertly to legal finance needs.


Burford’s global team works from six offices on four continents.

Top 100 firms

Burford’s team has worked with over 90% of the world’s 100 largest law firms on potential investments.