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Burford has been profitable and dividend paying since inception.


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Significant shareholders

There are 218,649,877 ordinary shares of nil par value in issue. None of these shares are held in treasury; as of 27 November 2019 8% of the shares are not in public hands. There are no restrictions on the transfer of Burford Capital shares. The shareholding information below reflects shareholdings as notified to the Company by shareholders via TR-1 disclosures. Burford updates this information as TR-1s are received. The last TR-1 was received, and thus the last update of this information occurred, on 16 March 2020. Burford does not independently verify the information provided nor does Burford include shareholding information not supplied through the TR-1 process.


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Dividend history

Burford Capital has paid dividends to shareholders every year since its public listing.

Dividend Dividend for Period Full Year Dividend Record Date Payment Date
Final 2019 –  – 
Interim 2019 4.17¢ 3.225135p 11/15/19 12/05/19
Final 2018 8.83¢ 6.950020p 12.5¢ 9.773749p 05/24/19 06/14/19
Interim 2018 3.67¢ 2.823729p 11/09/18 12/05/18
Final 2017 7.95¢ 5.959074p 11.00¢ 8.283946p 06/01/18 06/22/18
Interim 2017 3.050¢ 2.324872p 10/20/17 11/15/17
Final 2016 6.480¢




05/26/17 06/16/17
Interim 2016 2.670¢ 2.201154p 10/07/16 10/28/16
Final 2015 5.670¢ 3.920348p 8.000¢ 5.442726p 05/27/16 06/17/16
Interim 2015 2.330¢  1.522378p 10/02/15 10/23/15
 Final 2014  5.260¢  3.392017p   7.000¢   4.504193p  05/15/15  06/05/15
 Interim 2014  1.740¢  1.112176p  11/14/14  12/10/14
Final 2013  5.230¢  3.128738p  5.230¢  3.128738p  5/23/14  06/16/14
 Final 2012  4.758¢  3.137073p  4.758¢  3.137073p  5/24/13  06/17/13
Final 2011  3.660¢ 2.282934p  3.660¢  2.282934p  04/20/12  05/23/12
 Final 2010 3.660¢  2.22p  3.660¢  2.223p  04/08/11 05/17/11


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Analyst coverage

Please refer to the discussion of analyst estimates in the Financial Reporting and Investment Valuation section.

Institution Analyst name Contact
Arden Andrew Simms
Berenberg Donald Tait
Canaccord Justin Bates and Portia Patel
Jefferies Julian Roberts
KBW George Karamanos and Thomas Hallett
Liberum Ben Williams and Jamie Donald

Numis Securities James Hamilton
Peel Hunt Andrew Shepherd-Barron


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Additional research: Hardman & Co

Date Description Download
9 July 2019 Petersen appeals to investors  Response to short attack
17 October 2019 Strong evidence that fair value is fair Response to short attack
26 February 2020 A mixture of strong and weak activity in 2019 Response to short attack


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This section of Burford’s website is intended for the use of Burford’s public investors and is required to be provided under AIM Rule 26. Burford also maintains a separate private funds business. Information presented here is not intended for the use of private fund investors, nor is it presented in the appropriate form for such investors. Moreover, Burford does not present this information as a solicitation of private fund investment, which occurs only through appropriate offering documents.